March 14-15, 2024
Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus
March 14-15, 2024 Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus

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"An event that is now shaping up to be the most important in the sector in Puglia and, indeed, I would say the only one that concerns enterprise and digital in the region"

Francesco De Carlo, MailForce

"I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and congratulations on this 'first' experiment. Around me I have heard so many who wish there were more opportunities during the year like this. I am sure this is just the beginning"

Vito Macina, Digital Promoter - Punto Impresa Digitale - Bari Chamber of Commerce

"Congratulations first of all for the day. We hope it grows from year to year"
- Raffaele Ficco, CEO E-labora, web agency

"Apulia is a hotbed of 'human capital' passionate about technology and innovation. What was missing was the 'courage' to highlight it locally, and Daniele Rutigliano reasoned like the best inventors "I didn't know it couldn't be done and I did it!" Good job Daniele, keep up the good work!"

Gianni Cuscito, Marketing & Logistics Consultant for VENDERE

My two lines: a rare moment of reflection and confrontation in which Apulian companies have the opportunity to tell their stories on the growth path of e-commerce and digital marketing

Massimo Danza, Advertising creative and social media strategist

Webcom 2018: a very useful window on ecommerce trends and the digital world. An opportunity to reflect on the direction taken by companies on the internet and understand how the digital world is moving

Giorgio Barsanti, CEO Nuovo Trasporto Italiano SpA

"Congratulations again for the event, the conduction and unfolding were highly professional and precise, the quality of the speeches was high, and the finale was excellent with the 'trainer' entrepreneur, who gave a speech that was certainly much appreciated and of great value/inspiration for everyone. Lastly, nice 'quick' closing by Daniele Rutigliano without taking up more space than necessary, and from what I understand, even giving up the talk.. Big thumbs up! Keep going! [...] The most 'active' and participative part: the testimony of the entrepreneur, which was a closure that had a highly positive effect on the whole day. Nice sponsor area, and the organisation of the lunch with tickets to be consumed later at the table to socialise. I would have appreciated the coffee and drinks while waiting in the morning but I liked the fast pace of the talks. Further breaks would have weighed down the event"

- Giancarlo Valente, agile coach

"A perfectly organised event with constructive content. The numerous testimonials clarified and helped me to understand the role of all stakeholders involved in the process. Convinced more and more of the importance of ecommerce in the development and growth of the real economy"

Fabiola Ismaili, CEO FI SOLUTIONS S.r.l.s

"Finally a Digital event in the south too! A very interesting mix of testimonials from those who do business online in our area and a series of overviews of certain services useful to those in this business from various suppliers in the same sector (transport, payment, etc.). All this is complemented by useful notions of marketing and digital strategy. Definitely a plus for those who want to keep informed and network in the E-Commerce field"

Luca Ronco, E-Commerce Specialist

"Web-ecom is an event that helps and supports the growth of the region in an incredible way. The quality of the speeches and the panels full of testimonials from operators in the world of e-commerce, logistics and payment characterise Web-ecom more and more each year as a must-attend event for those who already work in the sector or for those who want to approach it. All this, in the South... in Apulia! Also for this, high praise to Daniele Rutigliano and his team and onwards! The wish I always make to Daniele is to make the event biannual and ensure that a virtuous circle is created in our Puglia on issues that can create opportunities and jobs. I expect the 2019 edition to be even richer and more interesting, perhaps with a focus on AI, BI and consumer credit (I know I'm a bit biased!)"

Pierpaolo Iurilli, Commercial b2b