March 14-15, 2024
Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus
March 14-15, 2024 Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus

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On what dates was the third edition of Webecom held?
Thursday; 16 and Friday; February 17, 2023.

Where does the event take place?
The Webecom is held in Bari at The Nicolaus Hotel, located in the heart of Poggiofranco, an elegant district of Bari. Consult the Location for more information.

What time does the event start and end?
For more details on the start and end times of the event, it is advisable to consult the page relating to the programme constantly updated.

The hotel parking is free. guarded?

It will be Is there a supervised cloakroom?
Yes, at least one.

The program is; identical in the two days?
No. Every day there are different speakers and topics as per program.


The event is; paid?
Yes, to attend the workshops it is necessary to pay a fee? It is necessary to purchase the ticket valid for both days.

It's Is it possible to attend the event from home?
No. It is not currently available. No video streaming service provided.

It's Do I need to register to participate in the Webecom?
Yes. To access the event it is necessary to access the event. necessary register online. Alternatively it is You can do this during the event at the registration desk.

Are the tickets nominative?
Yes. Each ticket is included. nominative. At the time of the collection of the badge it will be the the presentation of the identity card is required; of the ticket owner.

It's Is it possible to buy tickets during the event?
Yes, on floor minus one, at the event secretariat.

It's Is it possible to access once the event has started?

I can't use the coupon. How do I do it?
You can consult the following guide for using the coupon.