March 14-15, 2024
Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus
March 14-15, 2024 Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus

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Associazione Pugliesi

Media partner
We are ‘Pugliesi a Milano’ (people from Apulia living in Milan) and we discover everyday how important it is to be from Apulia and to promote the best-known products of our region.
We are ‘Pugliesi a Milano’, professionals and entrepreneurs who have been living in Lombardia for many years and who would like to create a connection between the land we were born in and the place where we work.

Networking and Creating Opportunities

Our organisation is a point of reference for all entrepreneurs and professionals who believe in networking and in the potential networking can offer to their business and to the research and development of new opportunities.

The organisation runs events, seminars, workshops and conventions to promote the exchange of information and to create an inter-regional community which can develop business and working opportunities with additional benefits and the possibility for young talent to return to their native land.