8 e 9 giugno 2018 BARI, Hotel Parco dei Principi

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Meet Magento

Media Sponsor
Meet Magento is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect everyone across the globe that works with Magento Commerce. As an official partner of Magento Inc. we promise our members the latest Magento updates and help with any issue they have with the Magento platform.
Magento agencies or service providers join us to expand their business, by keeping up to date with Magento developments, by finding new clients and collaborators, and by increasing their visibility and influence within the Magento community.

Through our local partners, the Meet Magento Association organizes over 50 Meet Magento events worldwide, including the world's leading conferences about Magento commerce. Thousands of Magento merchants, developers, agencies and other ecommerce specialists attend Meet Magento events alongside Official Magento representatives in their country or in a market where they intend to expand their business. Today we have 50 Meet Magento events and even more in progress. In order to assure quality and consistency of all these events, the Meet Magento Association was founded in 2015 and is now responsible for all Meet Magento events worldwide.