March 14-15, 2024
Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus
March 14-15, 2024 Bari - The Hotel Nicolaus

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Quinto Potere

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Street news as you have never seen it before, constantly on the frontline, providing in-depth analyses, talk shows, live coverage and the daily involvement of our readers-audience. is not only a new editorial project, it is also an ambitious challenge: we aim to give back to the people their most authentic power, the ability to affect institutional and administrative choices. No filters and the usual frankness in reporting what happens in Italy, with a particular focus on the South. Vices and Virtues of the Italian people, reported with unfussy language and pictures, by exploiting all the potential related to social media.

Though there are thousands of online magazines, we are sure to offer a verified and original product, with a high degree of participation. After 10 years of enquires and exclusive news stories, we are going to compete in the difficult territory, social media: Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and all the other platforms which have turned everyone into a journalist. We will be able to do so thanks to the experience we gained in the news field. The explosion of social media platforms encourages everyone to try their hand at news reporting to the detriment of pertinent study and work experience in the field.

Our aim is to exploit “social media” in order to grow, create something new, give a voice to the least important people, find those who want to help others and associate that with what people need, promote excellence and unearth criminality.

Antonio Loconte, Costantino Freda, Eleonora Francklin and Raffaele Caruso met through a mutually shared experience and after many years of constant battle together decided to create an organisation which fosters a forward thinking approach which does not answer to lobbies: This is why was created.